tipsOther people living with HIV find it tough to think of dating due to the reason that they feel less appealing or desirable than those who don’t have HIV. It is essential to remember that there’s more to you than having HIV. Your status as HIV positive isn’t a reflection of your worth and never let it affect your standards. You don’t need to settle for being with the one who’s wrong for you or be along because you have HIV.

There’s no need for you to be afraid of loving someone in your life. You deserve a loving relationship with the one who likes to be with you. Being sexy and making love may be exciting and important parts of a relationship. Once you feel guilty or worried regarding the possibility of infecting your partner, you should know the ways to protect her or him through practicing safer sex.

Most people feel embarrassed or ashamed by their status as HIV positive when dating. Such feelings are normal. But, if those feelings last and would prevent you from being with somebody or lead to isolation or depression, it’s essential to get help. You might also feel a little relief from telling someone you can rely on. You can also find a therapist or support group helpful.

Tips to Consider When Dating with HIV

  • Be ready for rejection. It’s essential to take note that dating is also a process of searching for the right person for you. Regardless if you’re living with HIV, dating always includes rejection and almost everybody has trial runs before finding the right person.
  • Get some tips or advice from the ones who have done dating with HIV before. Attend support groups for those who have HIV and ask some on how they handle dating and disclosure.
  • If you’re concerned with the violent or negative reactions, you must disclose in public places or with friend presents.
  • If you date those who live with HIV, don’t spend more time caring for her or him that you don’t care for yourself.
  • Read up some articles regarding dating with HIV. It’ll make it much easier for you to discuss HIV with your potential partner.
  • Consider talking with your partner before getting involved in sexual situations.

Date Without Any Expectations

Always take note that you’re better off alone than with the ones who’d judge you for having that status. If you have tough times remembering that, you should tattoo that on your arms. Regardless of how lonely you think you could be, having a relationship with the wrong individual, particularly a judgmental one, is worse. If your partner has a negative reaction about your HIV status and always acts like a jerk, kick him or her out of your life.

If you connect with some people, you’ll probably start to feel more confident about yourself. Once you feel better about yourself, you’ll likely remember how loving you could be to yourself and with others.

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