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Since uninfected people wouldn’t want to go on a date with an HIV positive single, the most ideal solution is to be with people who are in the same situation as yours. When you are around people who also live with HIV like you, you can simply be yourself. Aside from that, you can even learn more from the stories of other people and any information they got.

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Anyone can be infected with HIV, no matter what your age, gender, race, culture, or sexual orientation might be. It can take some time before the symptoms of HIV show up and turn into AIDS. It is the number one reason why a lot of people don’t even know why they got infected. HIV can get transmitted to sexual intercourse and bodily fluids, with sexual intercourse being among the main forms of transmission.

Since symptoms don’t show right away following a transmission, one HIV carrier can infect several persons without even knowing it. Those engaging in unprotected sex with numerous partners have a higher risk.
There are now millions of people who live with HIV. Sadly, 1 out of 8 people don’t know that they are positive. Bisexual, gay, and men who have sexual intercourse with other men have higher risks of being infected with HIV. There is currently no cure for HIV but antiretroviral drugs can help suppress symptoms and maintain the inactivity of the virus. People living with HIV can lead a happy and normal life. The secret here is to stick to a treatment plan and take the prescribed medications.

If you have HIV and you are looking for someone who has the same condition as yours, join today!

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