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If you have HIV, you know how challenging it is to date. People living with HIV are often discouraged by the fact that most people avoid them, including their own families and friends. This is mainly because they know all the wrong pieces of information, while some just have an irrational fear of HIV. Once you discuss about your infection to someone you like, there is a high chance that they will reject you and refuse to date you ever again. However, this shouldn’t stop you from dating. Here at, we are proud to be the leading online HIV dating website for all UK HIV singles. is an online leading HIV dating website that serves as a platform for HIV positive singles where they can be in an accepting community and share information. You can establish your outlook and confidence in life the moment you spend more time around people who understand and accept your situation. HIV positive singles will enjoy an extensive number of benefits once they sign up at One of the key benefits is that you will find a community that will teach you how you can live a much better life even when you have HIV. The primary goal of is to serve as a platform where HIV positive singles can meet friends and find love.